Traveling Diva - Gigging around the world on a cruiseship

What an incredible time I have had traveling the globe. I'm not really sure how many countries I have set foot on, but I estimate it's around 80 or something. Would love to brag that it was made possible by the large amount of gig money I've made through the years but who would I be kidding. I have been working with Celebrity Cruise Lines with my jazz band The Vivian Clement trio/quartet. 

My partner in crime/husband Anthony Paiano is part of the band of course, tickling the ivories and layin' down a mean bass line while I wail away on the guitar and do lead vocals.  

I've decided to blog about my adventures and the amazing people I have met. Drop by my blog and leave me a line.

Alpha Male 

Copyright Vivian Clement 

It’s a modern time for old fashion boys, confused by the rules they used to enjoy 
It’s a new world baby, a brand new world, welcome to my century, I’m new millennium girl 

I got estrogen, progesterone, magic formula balancing hormones 
It’s a testimony baby to our coming of age 
Such a testimony baby, we’re freed from our cage…. 


Cause I’m just a girl, call me an Amazonite,
If you don’t know what that means 
You’re probably not Mr. Right 
I said I’m just a girl, with an antiquated ail,
Searching the world, for an Alpha Male 
An Alpha Male 

Such a contradiction what’s a girl to do, I’m so in vogue, but archaic too 
It’s the new dilemma baby, trapped in a time-warp maze 
Look at this new dilemma baby, voila the nowadays 

So I’ll visualize him tall and cool, six pack abs sporting a BMW 
He’s a tough soft macho, with a sensitive twist 
Gotta get me a tough soft macho, women can’t resist